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My 07 Altima!
by YungDADDY

by YungDADDY

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09/14/2017 by Jjames1087

ohyesican John
02/03/2018 by ohyesican

01/10/2018 by YungDADDY

09/12/2017 by YungDADDY

09/24/2017 by clutch.camz

Anonymous DL Fux
12/07/2019 by YungDADDY

Bathroom Selfies - May 2013
11/20/2019 by YungDADDY

#SSISpringTour2018 - Completed!
05/01/2018 by YungDADDY

Course 1 - Sub Training 101
03/16/2018 by YungDADDY

03/16/2018 by YungDADDY

Andrew Drank in Miami!
02/12/2018 by YungDADDY

Set THESE 3 Goals Today!
02/07/2018 by YungDADDY

Daddy's Cash
02/06/2018 by YungDADDY

Jock Strap Shawty
02/02/2018 by YungDADDY

Me & CodeName: Julie
02/02/2018 by YungDADDY

Mr. Robinson is Still Running
02/02/2018 by YungDADDY

Unexpected EGGspectations
01/29/2018 by YungDADDY

$50 Life BOOST Session
01/24/2018 by YungDADDY

Meet my First "Youngbul"
01/24/2018 by BlaxkHole

Introducing Daddy Craig
01/24/2018 by Cocky4aRzn

Start Getting Paid - #DaddysCASH
01/22/2018 by YungDADDY

A Message from Mr. Robinson
01/20/2018 by YungDADDY

Bullock Family Reunion - June 2020
01/05/2018 by YungDADDY

What is a Domain Name?
01/04/2018 by YungDADDY

Trip to ATL
11/28/2017 by YungDADDY

Before We Fuck Challenge
10/14/2017 by YungDADDY

How I Make A Living
09/04/2017 by YungDADDY

Daddy's BOY TOY Training Program
09/03/2017 by YungDADDY

The Theory of Human Motivation
08/27/2017 by YungDADDY

I am a Spiritual Healer
08/24/2017 by YungDADDY

4 Types of People
08/20/2017 by YungDADDY

You can Fix Your Life, I can Help!
08/18/2017 by YungDADDY

#ConnectPal is a SCAM
08/17/2017 by YungDADDY

The 1st boy I Fuck'd
08/16/2017 by YungDADDY

My First Gay Friend
08/15/2017 by YungDADDY

I came out at 15 years old
08/15/2017 by YungDADDY

YungDADDY is on a Mission!
08/14/2017 by YungDADDY

Murphy's Laws of Combat Operations
03/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Raising a Savage!
03/14/2017 by YungDADDY

Our 1st Commercial - #SSIMarketing
03/06/2017 by YungDADDY

The Shaman Slide
02/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in Harrisburg PA
02/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Ford E-350 Van Saga
02/20/2017 by YungDADDY

6 Reasons I Started in Massage
02/20/2017 by YungDADDY

View us on YELP!
01/29/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Sense - Lesson #1
01/28/2017 by YungDADDY

Things I want to Explain.. later..
01/24/2017 by YungDADDY

I ain't Gay no more..
01/21/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in NJ (New Jersey)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in NY (New York)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in VA (Virginia)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in ATL (Atlanta, GA)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Where is Your 5 Year PLAN?
01/16/2017 by YungDADDY

FIRE your Social Media Guy!!
01/16/2017 by YungDADDY

Website Package - Level 2 ($500)
01/07/2017 by YungDADDY

QuickStart Website Package! ($250)
01/07/2017 by YungDADDY

Sex wins again
12/18/2016 by YungDADDY

Under Construction Animation
12/16/2016 by YungDADDY

Time is a Man-Made Concept.
11/18/2016 by YungDADDY

My MeTh Healing Journey
11/06/2016 by YungDADDY

Let's Move to Africa!?!
08/26/2016 by YungDADDY

Why I say.. "Child Rest!"
08/18/2016 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn Inc Block Party
08/13/2016 by YungDADDY

Legalize Marijuana!
07/31/2016 by YungDADDY

Philly UFW
07/24/2016 by YungDADDY

The January Issue
07/19/2016 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn Inc.
07/19/2016 by YungDADDY

Taste Or Torch
07/19/2016 by YungDADDY

07/19/2016 by YungDADDY

She Got It Maid
07/19/2016 by YungDADDY

Treat Yourself Massage
07/19/2016 by YungDADDY

Still Accomplishing (New Goals)
06/05/2016 by YungDADDY

Our Trip to Baltimore
01/22/2016 by YungDADDY

Have a Business but No Brand?
12/20/2015 by YungDADDY

11/23/2015 by YungDADDY

11/04/2015 by YungDADDY

Secret To Happiness
10/01/2015 by YungDADDY

What is GoFundMe?
09/27/2015 by YungDADDY

09/19/2015 by YungDADDY

A Few of My Favorite Things
09/10/2015 by YungDADDY

Clown Man's Workout Plan
09/10/2015 by YungDADDY

Simple Ways to Save $$
08/10/2015 by YungDADDY

Groupon Back to School Deals!
08/10/2015 by YungDADDY

07/31/2015 by YungDADDY

Win a FREE $100 Grocery Spree!
07/18/2015 by YungDADDY

FREE Resume Help!
07/16/2015 by YungDADDY

8 Services I Provide
07/15/2015 by YungDADDY

Expression Through Nudity
07/13/2015 by YungDADDY

FREE Computer Help Desk
07/11/2015 by YungDADDY

Presenting the Water Challenge!!
07/10/2015 by YungDADDY

Shopping List
07/03/2015 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn's Little Life Lessons
07/03/2015 by YungDADDY

Internship / Job Opportunities
06/28/2015 by YungDADDY

Things I Find Interesting
06/25/2015 by YungDADDY

7 Books that Changed My Life
06/24/2015 by YungDADDY

People I Want to Meet
06/23/2015 by YungDADDY

5 Pets Rescued by Shaman Shawn
06/23/2015 by YungDADDY

My Entrepreneurial Journey
06/22/2015 by YungDADDY

Graduated Massage School
06/05/2015 by YungDADDY

Started Shaman Shawn Inc.
06/05/2015 by YungDADDY

The Day I Met Mr. Robinson
09/24/2014 by YungDADDY

RIP - Medalia Bullock (Aug 2014)
08/20/2014 by YungDADDY

07 Nissan Altima
04/24/2010 by YungDADDY

Graduated from High School
06/05/2008 by YungDADDY

I was Born MAY 17th, 1990!
05/17/1990 by YungDADDY

My Prom - May 2008
05/30/2008 by YungDADDY

My 07 Altima!
04/18/2007 by YungDADDY

Out & Proud (Age 15)
06/24/2005 by YungDADDY

ParTy in DC - March 2017
09/06/2017 by YungDADDY

Kevin & Shawn - Richmond
10/08/2017 by YungDADDY

BoyTOY - TJ (The African Fetish)
02/06/2015 by YungDADDY

Anonymous in ATL
11/28/2017 by YungDADDY

Blowed in the Basement - Apr 2016
04/29/2016 by YungDADDY

Cowboy DC
09/30/2017 by YungDADDY

Anonymous - Masked Daddy
12/07/2019 by YungDADDY

July 2010
07/30/2010 by YungDADDY

At the NightShow
05/29/2019 by YungDADDY

Shaving by the Sink
09/02/2017 by YungDADDY

Bathroom Stiffy - May 2013
05/08/2013 by YungDADDY

Escort Pix as a Youngbul
09/01/2017 by YungDADDY
12/05/2019 by YungDADDY

HANGING Out in the Office
02/10/2018 by YungDADDY

Feb 2016
02/10/2016 by YungDADDY

My NudeAfrica Pix
01/24/2018 by YungDADDY

BoyTOY - Eric
09/05/2017 by BlaxkHole

My New PUP Mask
01/22/2018 by YungDADDY

BoyTOY - Ray Ray (Richmond VA)
02/06/2013 by YungDADDY

Stroking in my Favorite Shirt
09/23/2017 by YungDADDY

01/11/2017 by YungDADDY

01/11/2017 by YungDADDY

05/16/2017 by YungDADDY

03/16/2018 by YungDADDY

Busting to Lemonade Loaded
06/03/2017 by YungDADDY

YungDADDY is going on Tour!
03/18/2018 by YungDADDY

08/17/2016 by YungDADDY

10/16/2016 by YungDADDY

08/28/2016 by YungDADDY

Bisexual Feet & Meat
08/30/2016 by YungDADDY

Vine Compilation
07/15/2016 by YungDADDY

YungDADDY - Promo
12/14/2016 by YungDADDY

You can Fix Your Life, I can Help!
02/06/2018 by YungDADDY

Sliding Inside - Late night
03/17/2018 by BlaxkHole

05/15/2018 by YungDADDY

Spanking A ParTy Boy 1
08/24/2016 by YungDADDY

DADDY 4 A MIN - #1 (Preview)
08/16/2016 by YungDADDY

4 Types of People
02/06/2018 by YungDADDY

Toy Play
11/30/2017 by YungDADDY

08/16/2016 by YungDADDY

09/30/2017 by YungDADDY

Month: August 2016

My FoodStamps Were Denied because Im in College???

ATTENTION: I am a current College Student with NO INCOME .. I do not qualify for food stamps in Philadelphia because I : Have no kids Don’t work at least 20 hrs a week Have no disabilities I have a 2 questions: Who created this policy, and why? I was wondering if someone could give … Continue reading “My FoodStamps Were Denied because Im in College???”


Internship / Job Opportunities

Apply Now! 1. Personal Assistant Intern Record Keeping: Create spreadsheet for Groupon Affiliate account ( Manage & Document Site(s) Stats Income vs. Expense Reports Create Spreadsheet for Juicy Ads account Create Spreadsheet for ExoClick Account Create Spreadsheet for Google Ads Account (per site) Create Spreadsheet for Treat Yourself Massage Client & Income Create Spreadsheet for … Continue reading “Internship / Job Opportunities”


25 things “You Chose” – by Shannon L. Alder

You chose. You chose. You chose. You chose to give away your love. You chose to have a broken heart. You chose to give up. You chose to hang on. You chose to react. You chose to feel insecure. You chose to feel anger. You chose to fight back. You chose to have hope. You … Continue reading “25 things “You Chose” – by Shannon L. Alder”


7 Books that Changed My Life

Here are a couple of the books that have changed my life. Most of them I actually listened to via Audiobooks from Amazons ( or iTunes due to the fact that I don’t really like to read books. I will often listen to an entire book during a road trip, instead of listening to the same … Continue reading “7 Books that Changed My Life”


5 Pets Rescued by Shaman Shawn

Nacho (Chihuahua) – Rescued in 2012 from the Streets of Richmond, VA as a small puppy by a good friend of mine, Leonard. Velvet (Chihuahua/Jack Russell) – Rescued in 2014 from my good friend Teeg in Philly. Scrappy (Yorkie-Poo) – Rescued in 2015 from my cousin, Shenea, in Philly. Angel (Yorkie) – Rescued in 2015 from a guy I met named Robby … Continue reading “5 Pets Rescued by Shaman Shawn”


23 Simple Phrases that Describe Shaman Shawn

Bi. Top. Masc. Blazer. Drinker. Determined. Over Achiever. Happily Involved. College Educated. Computer Scientist. Spiritually Connected. ———–>> ❤ Massage Therapist. Software Engineer. Self Motivated. Social Worker. Independent. Ambitious. Unique. Daddy. Escort. Freak. Geek. Me. This is a non-comprehensive list of words or short phrases that give you a small peek into the life and world … Continue reading “23 Simple Phrases that Describe Shaman Shawn”

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