Recent Updates

Recent Updates

Anonymous DL Fux
12/07/2019 by YungDADDY

Bathroom Selfies - May 2013
11/20/2019 by YungDADDY

#SSISpringTour2018 - Completed!
05/01/2018 by YungDADDY

Course 1 - Sub Training 101
03/16/2018 by YungDADDY

03/16/2018 by YungDADDY

Andrew Drank in Miami!
02/12/2018 by YungDADDY

Set THESE 3 Goals Today!
02/07/2018 by YungDADDY

Jock Strap Shawty
02/02/2018 by YungDADDY

Me & CodeName: Julie
02/02/2018 by YungDADDY

Mr. Robinson is Still Running
02/02/2018 by YungDADDY

Unexpected EGGspectations
01/29/2018 by YungDADDY

$50 Life BOOST Session
01/24/2018 by YungDADDY

Meet my First "Youngbul"
01/24/2018 by BlaxkHole

Introducing Daddy Craig
01/24/2018 by Cocky4aRzn

A Message from Mr. Robinson
01/20/2018 by YungDADDY

Before We Fuck Challenge
10/14/2017 by YungDADDY

How I Make A Living
09/04/2017 by YungDADDY

Daddy's BOY TOY Training Program
09/03/2017 by YungDADDY

The Theory of Human Motivation
08/27/2017 by YungDADDY

4 Types of People
08/20/2017 by YungDADDY

You can Fix Your Life, I can Help!
08/18/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in Harrisburg PA
02/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Sense - Lesson #1
01/28/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in NJ (New Jersey)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in NY (New York)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in VA (Virginia)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in ATL (Atlanta, GA)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Sex wins again
12/18/2016 by YungDADDY

Our Trip to Baltimore
01/22/2016 by YungDADDY

8 Services I Provide
07/15/2015 by YungDADDY

Internship / Job Opportunities
06/28/2015 by YungDADDY

The Day I Met Mr. Robinson
09/24/2014 by YungDADDY

07 Nissan Altima
04/24/2010 by YungDADDY

My Prom - May 2008
05/30/2008 by YungDADDY

#SSIBaeGoals - CJ (2011)
02/06/2011 by YungDADDY

High School Days (Age 16)
05/24/2006 by YungDADDY

In-Motion Hosting (Va Beach)
04/24/2013 by YungDADDY

BoyTOY - Ray Ray (Richmond VA)
02/06/2013 by YungDADDY

Feb 2016
02/10/2016 by YungDADDY

BoyTOY - TJ (The African Fetish)
02/06/2015 by YungDADDY

BoyTOY - Eric
09/05/2017 by BlaxkHole

HANGING Out in the Office
02/10/2018 by YungDADDY

4 Types of People
02/06/2018 by YungDADDY

03/16/2018 by YungDADDY

You can Fix Your Life, I can Help!
02/06/2018 by YungDADDY

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Course 1 – Sub Training 101

DADDY is BIG on Education. He enjoys Teaching and TRAINING men how to be good SUB-MISSivES and  ultimately better Pleasers. DADDY’s Submissive Training Course advances from Mild to Wild starting with: Course 1 – Sub Training 101 Course Goals: Instill a Sub-Sexual Vocabulary Instill the Basics of Physical Obedience Course Description: In (Course 1) the beginning … Continue reading “Course 1 – Sub Training 101”



POSITION & POSTURE One of the factors that sets spanking apart from other forms of swatting is the deliberate and sometimes ceremonial positioning of the participants. While some spankings are haphazard, I prefer spankings that include the ritual of positioning. Both the spankee and spanker adopt positions that facilitate and enhance the spanking. These positions … Continue reading “INTRODUCTION TO SPANKING”

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