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Recent Updates

Anonymous DL Fux
12/07/2019 by YungDADDY

Bathroom Selfies - May 2013
11/20/2019 by YungDADDY

#SSISpringTour2018 - Completed!
05/01/2018 by YungDADDY

Course 1 - Sub Training 101
03/16/2018 by YungDADDY

03/16/2018 by YungDADDY

Andrew Drank in Miami!
02/12/2018 by YungDADDY

Set THESE 3 Goals Today!
02/07/2018 by YungDADDY

Jock Strap Shawty
02/02/2018 by YungDADDY

Me & CodeName: Julie
02/02/2018 by YungDADDY

Mr. Robinson is Still Running
02/02/2018 by YungDADDY

Unexpected EGGspectations
01/29/2018 by YungDADDY

$50 Life BOOST Session
01/24/2018 by YungDADDY

Meet my First "Youngbul"
01/24/2018 by BlaxkHole

Introducing Daddy Craig
01/24/2018 by Cocky4aRzn

A Message from Mr. Robinson
01/20/2018 by YungDADDY

Before We Fuck Challenge
10/14/2017 by YungDADDY

How I Make A Living
09/04/2017 by YungDADDY

Daddy's BOY TOY Training Program
09/03/2017 by YungDADDY

The Theory of Human Motivation
08/27/2017 by YungDADDY

4 Types of People
08/20/2017 by YungDADDY

You can Fix Your Life, I can Help!
08/18/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in Harrisburg PA
02/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Sense - Lesson #1
01/28/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in NJ (New Jersey)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in NY (New York)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in VA (Virginia)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Shaman Shawn in ATL (Atlanta, GA)
01/20/2017 by YungDADDY

Sex wins again
12/18/2016 by YungDADDY

Our Trip to Baltimore
01/22/2016 by YungDADDY

8 Services I Provide
07/15/2015 by YungDADDY

Internship / Job Opportunities
06/28/2015 by YungDADDY

The Day I Met Mr. Robinson
09/24/2014 by YungDADDY

07 Nissan Altima
04/24/2010 by YungDADDY

High School Days (Age 16)
05/24/2006 by YungDADDY

#SSIBaeGoals - CJ (2011)
02/06/2011 by YungDADDY

Out & Proud (Age 15)
06/24/2005 by YungDADDY

In-Motion Hosting (Va Beach)
04/24/2013 by YungDADDY

BoyTOY - Ray Ray (Richmond VA)
02/06/2013 by YungDADDY

HANGING Out in the Office
02/10/2018 by YungDADDY

BoyTOY - TJ (The African Fetish)
02/06/2015 by YungDADDY

Feb 2016
02/10/2016 by YungDADDY

BoyTOY - Eric
09/05/2017 by BlaxkHole

03/16/2018 by YungDADDY

You can Fix Your Life, I can Help!
02/06/2018 by YungDADDY

4 Types of People
02/06/2018 by YungDADDY

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According To Science, This Is The Perfect And Best Road Trip You Can Possibly Take

Be honest with yourself: at some point you’ve probably thought about going on a cross-country road trip. Whether it be driving across Canada, United Kingdom, United States, or wherever you’re from, it’s probably crossed your mind at some point. Luckily, for those in the United States, the “perfect road trip” has finally been planned. Here … Continue reading “According To Science, This Is The Perfect And Best Road Trip You Can Possibly Take”


Will Life Coaching Improve Your Life?

Ask Yourself, Honestly: Are you living the life you want to live? Do you feel stuck in a rut? Do you feel like you could be so much more, if only you were given the chance? What would you do today if you knew you couldn’t fail? Don’t you wish you knew how to make … Continue reading “Will Life Coaching Improve Your Life?”


24 Business Ventures I Plan to Tackle

Here are a list of currently running businesses I have created along with some of the ventures I plan to start in the future. Current Functioning Ventures: Shaman Shawn Inc. ( Treat Yourself Massage & Wellness Center ( Life Coaching / Motivational Speaking ( Real Estate Adult Entertainer Amateur Adult Film Star (  – Viewer Discretion (18+)) … Continue reading “24 Business Ventures I Plan to Tackle”


Internship / Job Opportunities

Apply Now! 1. Personal Assistant Intern Record Keeping: Create spreadsheet for Groupon Affiliate account ( Manage & Document Site(s) Stats Income vs. Expense Reports Create Spreadsheet for Juicy Ads account Create Spreadsheet for ExoClick Account Create Spreadsheet for Google Ads Account (per site) Create Spreadsheet for Treat Yourself Massage Client & Income Create Spreadsheet for … Continue reading “Internship / Job Opportunities”

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