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Daddy’s BOY TOY Training Program

YungDaddy is seeking new co-stars to make some hot new videos with.. Only seeking guys who are
looking for a long term sexual relationship. This will not be a Quick Fuck and go Situation. You will have to earn this Dick. You must be willing to play by my rules.

There’s LEVELS to this shyt:

LEVEL 1 – WHO are you?

LEVEL 2 – WHAT do you want? Tell me your ultimate goal. Your true fantasy. What turns you on. What turns you off. Etc..

LEVEL 3 – Daddy’s Dirty Massage – Let daddy touch every inch of your body during your free professional massage. Complete with warm oil, Soothing music, and Daddys strong hands.

LEVEL 4 – Daddy Little Girl – Let daddy dress u up as his little Princess. Get sexy and show daddy why you should get a chance to try Daddys Big Dick.

LEVEL 5 – Daddy’s Dick – Lets daddy lick and massage his new hole until ur nice and wet then ima slide in and deep stroke u long and hard. Then you flip u over and pound it out right!

My goal is to have 1 Special BOY TOY per state.

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