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I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

I started college in Fall 2008 at Virginia State University. I had graduated from Hampton High Shool in June of
that same year. I decided not to take a break and to just go straight to college. I graduated with a 3.77 GPA which made me in the “Highest Honors” category (whatever that means). With that being said the colleges were in a sense “Hunting” for me…

We had Colleges coming to our school cafeteria almost every other day it seemed like trying to recruit students and get people to apply etc. I ended up applying for 8 Schools in all. 4 in Virginia and 4 in North Carolina. I was debating on leaving the state for College to really get an “away from home” college experience but when it was all said and done, I ended up choosing Virginia State. (Thats another discussion)

Anywho, initially I wanted to go to school for architectural engineering but VSU didnt have that as a major. So after looking over the list of options and talking to my advisors, I went with Computer Science.

I didnt really know what all it entailed but i knew that Computers werent going anywhere and that there was alot of money in the field. I also had always been a bit of a computer nerd and I wanted to go to school for something challenging. I definitely didnt want it to be a repeat of high school (which i found rather unchallenging) if i was going to be paying thousands for it.

After the first year at Virginia State, I realized that HBCU environment at VSU was not for me. I love my Black People but this bunch of folks at this school were a special case. (Thats another story too) With that being said, I ended up leaving VSU and going to Virginia Commonwealth University about 30mins up the street which turned out to be much better. I graduated in 2012 from VCU with my BS in Computer Science.

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