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The devil and the love are in the details…

While there was an issue at my place at that time, as a truth teller the truth shall be told and it shall be nothing but the truth, so help me Gawd! Not adding nothing to it or taking anything from it our real problem happened early Spring 2015. This is where the roots of the issues are. Shawn had me wallowing in the palm of his hand. My eyes were only for him. Basically, he played me out, left me hanging and as my bestie puts it “blew me to the wind”. He basically rolled out of my life like some backwoods over loud, took a puff and put out the joint! The next time my eyes saw him was on some XXX network with a Latin boo, knee deep ….posted that same weekend Mr Robinson was in tears wanting to celebrate his birthday with him. Egg speciation s was a year later. If you want to get to the root of a problem ya gotta nip it in the bud. Tell the people what the truth of the matter is and tell it like it Tis?

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